Pan  Resources Sdn Bhd was established in 1987, located in Kuantan, Pahang. We  started our business to venture into oversea markets. Our average sales volume  increased to 500 tones in 2 years times through the hard work and dedicated  team work of the management and staff.

To expand our business further, Kuala Lumpur branch was set up in 1991  exporting mainly to European Union countries, approximately 4000 – 4500 m3 per  month. Now, we are one of the main Rough Sawn Timber exporters in Malaysia to Thailand, Japan, UAE and Europe.
Our  company was registered with Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC)  to supply MTCS Certified timber, PEFC Certified Timber, Keurhout Legal  timber, Keurhout Sustainable timber and etc. Our certificate for certified Nr. SGS-MTCS/COC-0002  and MTCS logo number is MTCC/31-001.
Our  company has also obtained KH-Sustainable from the Keurhout.
Company business registration with Malaysian  Timber Board Industry is T/E: 1536/06/2014 and T/S: 1239/06/2014.
Our company has forest concessions in Pahang,  Peninsular Malaysia. The majority of the species are Dark Red Meranti.
We have four sawmills in Pahang state cutting  sawn timber and kiln drying facilities. All our sawmills are qualified for PEFC scheme and those supplied timbers are carry with PEFC logo and certificate number.